Sunday, July 31, 2011


i see a thousand face in da crowd
dey smyl laugh cry sob on each other
share da relation of a carin shoulder
beat the complexities of the society

they deny the limit of their age
promise to hold each other forever
turn each other into humans
and not just competing animals

on their way dey find more companions
givin dem da same dignity nd promise
to hold each other wen dey crumble
to keep each other warm in dark nd cold

but the sand of tym keeps pourin down
the realisation of survival creeps into
the promise sounds like fairy tales
they kick each other to overtake

crushing the other throwing dem in dilema
to make a ladder for dreams of their own
surviving evry second in the race of life
concluding wich dey stand so alone

but still a shadow follows behind
unknowingly bein everywhere needed
stayin upright to keep us secured
holdin us up in solitude

a shadow known but not close
followed all da fairy tales promise
stood like a guiding star
and henceforth named as a "FRIEND"

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