Tuesday, June 9, 2009


the days went endless....
the nights wents sleepless...
tried to find ur face in da crowd ,
tried to comprehend the complexities ,

bt i failed in acheivin it ,
in search of happiness nd light ,
i discovered new paths of darkness ,
with solitude nd lonliness ,

previously thns haunted my mind ,
didnt new what it was ,
a heavenly time or a nitemare lived ,
still it seemed very absurd ,

i wanted to show many thots ,
that were deep in my mind nd heart,
bt time beated me once again ,
i cudnt reveal what lived inside me ,

though a fresh dawn came with it new light ,
removed the darkness that kept creeping ,
the light showed a new way to joy ,
it turned around the montonous life ,

i walked the new path gifted ,
it filled da dark skies with rainbows ,
i could sing nd dance freely again ,
i started playing with colors once again ,

the dream i always thot of ,
the way i always wanted to live ,
my angel granted it to me ,
a way directed by my will,

but stil the neverending fear prevails ,
is it ova or it resides inside me ,
the taste of it i dun wan to feel again ,
the path yet runs beside me .

Monday, May 11, 2009


I was schockd , i was stunned , i was taken aback

i use to bring a smile wenever i met ,

a smile dat makes each nd every witness dance ,

a smile dat makes trees bow and birds chrip ,

a smile dat makes the moon stagnant ,

a smile dat even makes the stars sing ,

a smile dat makes me move wenever m down ,

an everlasting enchanting smile.

jus to xplain the thns bursting in mah head ,

i took the glitter off the face ,

i made the eyes dip in water ,

i put the smile to deep silence ,

i couldnt make the words unsaid,

i couldnt look the pain inside ,

i couldnt stop the nature's rage ,

i couldnt make the tears dry ,

i couldnt hold her in her arms ,

i felt like a murderer ,

whu took all the happiness away ,

whu made the nature shed tears ,

whu killd what she always had ,

whu mudered his own peace ,

till i cried wid all of mah heart ,

and called the smile of her back ,

she smiled again and made me realize ,

hw sumone's tear can make me cry .