Tuesday, December 6, 2011


i was walking on the path
waiting for my own shadow
memories filled my head
regretion gave me the energy

the way was known
but destination tuk itself away
my shadow came beside me
just to knock me down

i still kept moving ahead
jus to conquer the thots of it
it wasnt jus a part of me
rather it completed me

it shatterd me wenever it came
tuk away the reason of my existence
the mirror even mocked me
laughed at my silent lonliness

i tried to put my head up again
kept crossing hurdles coming
moved with a smiling posture
headed without the reason

An image stopped by me
i was though standin rockstill
was it a test or a gift
questions just crossed me over

the search itself answered me
removed the fear prevailing
a hesitation jus stopped me
showd me my experienceS

i lukd back to learn
but the past seemed blank
the image laughed and spoke

Sunday, July 31, 2011


i see a thousand face in da crowd
dey smyl laugh cry sob on each other
share da relation of a carin shoulder
beat the complexities of the society

they deny the limit of their age
promise to hold each other forever
turn each other into humans
and not just competing animals

on their way dey find more companions
givin dem da same dignity nd promise
to hold each other wen dey crumble
to keep each other warm in dark nd cold

but the sand of tym keeps pourin down
the realisation of survival creeps into
the promise sounds like fairy tales
they kick each other to overtake

crushing the other throwing dem in dilema
to make a ladder for dreams of their own
surviving evry second in the race of life
concluding wich dey stand so alone

but still a shadow follows behind
unknowingly bein everywhere needed
stayin upright to keep us secured
holdin us up in solitude

a shadow known but not close
followed all da fairy tales promise
stood like a guiding star
and henceforth named as a "FRIEND"

Sunday, March 20, 2011


u came into my mind like a star ,
i thot it to be a light of happiness,
i ran to catch it nd hide it widin me ,
to keep me alive in the mess i live,

u gav all i cud xpect frm myself ,
became da one guiding me ,
a guide to sorow to tear me apart,
i stil accepted u as my heart ,

u played wid me til i gave up,
held me high nd dropped me down,
i kept myself as proper as i cud,
stil wid a hope to find a light,

a false desire kept me alive,
i stil reached out to feel u,
standing on my knees beggin,
i was kicked like an emotion fool.